What’s a Swipe-page?
How do I create a page?
How do I delete a page?
How to swap pages?
How do I change the background color of a page?
How do I clear everything on the site?
How do I change the website address?
How do I specify the address (name) for each swipe page?
How to connect a domain?
What is an OG image? How do I add it?
How to set up SEO?
How to set up analytics?
How do I publish a website?
How do I share a website?
Can I add another site to my profile?
What is a preview?
Working with blocks
How do I add a Block?
How do I delete/move/copy/hide a block?
What is the block movement mode?
How to increase the distance between blocks?
What are "styles" in blocks?
Where will the applications from the “Form" block go?
How do I change the image size in the “Carousel of Images" block?
Is it possible to accept payment for goods?
How do I confirm my email address?
How do I change my email address?
How do I change my password?
How do I sign out?
How do I delete my account?
Working with Templates
How do I add a template to a website?
How do I add certain template pages to a website?
How do I adapt the template to my site?
Is it possible to add multiple templates to the site?
Trial Period
How does the free trial work?
What happens after my free trial ends?
Will I be able to save any remaining free trial days if I upgrade to the Premium plan?
What payment method can I use?
Are payments secure?
When is my next payment due?
What happens if I cancel my Premium subscription?
What happens after my paid subscription period ends?
Do I have to link my credit/debit card?
How do I remove a debit/credit card from my account?
How can I change my debit/credit card details?
How can I switch to the Free plan and cancel my subscription?
How does the Premium plan work?
What is my current plan and when does it expire?
When does my subscription expire?
Where can I find my payment history?
How long does the monthly subscription last?
How long does the annual subscription last?
Are there any discounts on the Premium plan?
Can I switch to an annual subscription if I’ve already paid for a month?
Can I switch to the monthly subscription if I’ve already paid for the year?
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